I get you. I’ve been you.


I’ve spent an entire career on the front- line of competitive service sales.

You’re moving forward, enjoying some success, but don’t necessarily find it easy to consistently generate quality leads that fill your pipeline so you can book more business.

C’mon, be honest. You’re a little frustrated because you aren’t as far along as you hoped you’d be at this point.

When I started my career I was just another one of the 35,000 Realtors in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

Standing out from the crowd, generating leads, and closing deals in a saturated market was a struggle.

So I listened to what all the real estate “guru’s” told me and spent most of my time memorizing sales scripts, closing techniques, and objection handlers.

I rehearsed, I took action, and I sucked.

My prospects didn’t like being sold to and I didn’t like selling to them. More importantly, I was so attached to the outcome of “making a sale” that I wasn’t even attracting ideal clients. I’d work with anyone who had a pulse and a checkbook.

And that wasn’t growing my bank account.



But then, finally, all of that became history.

No more slimy selling, no more battling with difficult prospects, no more pressure. I found a way to be myself AND do more business.

Here’s what I did:

  • I took my strengths and what I stood for and turned them into a unique personal brand.
  • I established myself in my target market as an invaluable resource and trusted advisor.
  • And I became very selective about who I worked with.
  • Then I listened hard to what those ideal clients wanted, so I could give them exactly what they needed.

After applying these concepts I went on to sell
ten times more than the average Realtor.


Business and selling became profitable and enjoyable.

As much as I loved selling Real Estate, I decided to start helping other sales people sell more. It turns out that I have a gift for it!

What I know can help you.

Using my Business Building Bridge process along with the Book Yourself Solid® system for salespeople you will create a strategic approach to booking business that will quickly have you selling more.


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